13 Creative Design Ideas for Chinese New Year 2024 Angpao and Money Packet

13 Creative Design Ideas for Chinese New Year Angpao and Money Packet by Kuan Press

In the tapestry of Chinese New Year traditions, one vibrant thread stands out—the humble yet significant red packet, or “Angpao.” These ornate envelopes, exchanged with heartfelt wishes, carry a wealth of cultural significance, symbolizing good luck, prosperity, and positive energy.

Design Ideas for CNY 2024 Angpao and Red Packet

1. Traditional Symbolism Patterned Angpao & Money Packet

Traditional Symbolism Money Packet by Kuan Press

Let tradition weave its magic as we delve into designs inspired by ancient symbols, invoking blessings and timeless heritage.

2. Lunar Zodiac Themed Angpao & Money Packet

Lunar Zodiac Theme Money Packet by Kuan Press

Capture the spirit of the zodiac with captivating designs showcasing the animal of the year, a perfect blend of tradition and novelty.

3. Chinese Calligraphy Angpao & Money Packet

Chinese Calligraphy Money Packet by Kuan Press

Elevate your Angpao with the artistry of Chinese calligraphy, turning each packet into a canvas of elegance and grace.

4. Cherry Blossoms and Plum Blossoms Patterned Angpao & Money Packet

Infuse the delicate beauty of cherry blossoms and plum blossoms, symbolizing renewal and the arrival of spring.

5. Double Happiness Angpao & Money Packet

Double Happiness Money Packet by Kuan Press

Celebrate love and joy with the timeless symbol of “Double Happiness,” a perfect addition to weddings and festive occasions.

6. Gold and Red Color Schemed Angpao & Money Packet

Gold and Red Color Scheme Money Packet by Kuan Press

Indulge in opulence with a classic color scheme of gold and red, exuding prosperity and good fortune.

7. Paper-Cut Styled Angpao & Money Packet

Paper-Cut Style Money Packet by Kuan Press

Embrace the intricate art of paper cutting, transforming each Angpao into a masterpiece that tells a story.

8. Family Themes Angpao & Money Packet

Family Theme Money Packet by Kuan Press

Incorporate family symbols or crests to add a personal touch to your celebrations.

9. Modern Minimalist Design Angpao & Money Packet

Modern Minimalist Design Money Packet by Kuan Press

For those who prefer simplicity, explore modern and minimalist designs that resonate with contemporary aesthetics.

10. Incorporate Elements of the Year Into Your Angpao & Money Packet

Elements of the Year Money Packet by Kuan Press

Stay in tune with the Chinese zodiac by incorporating elements related to the animal of the year.

11. Tassel or Ribbon Styled Angpao & Money Packet

Tassel or Ribbon Money Packet by Kuan Press

Add a touch of glamour with tassels or ribbons, elevating the presentation of Angpao and making them stand out.

12. Personalized Design Angpao & Money Packet

Personalized Design Money Packet by Kuan Press

Make every Angpao unique with personalized touches, ensuring that each envelope becomes a cherished keepsake.

13. Special Material Angpao & Money Packet

Explore the use of special materials to add a unique touch to your Angpao designs.

Tips and Tricks for Your Money Packet

In the realm of thoughtful design, the choices you make resonate beyond aesthetics. Each design decision reflects not just creativity, but a deep understanding of tradition and the power of symbolism.

Importance of Thoughtful and Meaningful Red Packet Design

Foil stamping, gloss lamination, and matte lamination are not mere techniques but expressions that elevate the significance of Angpao. By integrating these elements, your red packets become a testament to the value you place on tradition and quality.

As we unveil these 13 creative design ideas, we invite you to embrace the beauty of tradition while exploring innovative expressions of artistry. Step into the world of printing mastery with Kuan Press, where every detail, from printing to debossing, is meticulously crafted to perfection.


With a fusion of tradition and innovation, Kuan Press stands ready to transform your Chinese New Year celebrations. Our commitment to printing excellence, coupled with creative design capabilities, ensures every red envelope becomes a masterpiece.

Elevate your festivities, captivate your audience, and leave an indelible mark of sophistication with Kuan Press—your trusted partner in the art of printing.